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LED Panel Accessories

Discover the many benefits of our LED panel accessories and complete your LED panels with the right parts. Whether you're looking for easy installation, optimal light control or secure mounting, our accessories are designed to meet your needs. Choose quality, functionality and ease of use with our LED panel accessories.

Suspension kit, mounting clips and surface mount frames for easy setup

Our LED panel accessories include a suspension kit, which allows you to easily hang your LED panels. Adjustable cables allow you to adjust the height and create the desired lighting angle.

For safe and stable installation, we offer mounting frames designed specifically for our LED panels. These frames ensure that your panels stay firmly in place, whether you want to attach them to the ceiling, wall or any other desired location.

With our mounting clips, you can securely attach your LED panels to various surfaces, such as ceilings or walls. These clips offer a firm grip and ensure that your panels stay securely in place, even in demanding environments.

Cables for a neat and organized installation

We offer different types of cables that perfectly match your LED panels. These cables not only ensure a safe and reliable power supply, but also contribute to a neat and organized installation.

Dimmers for optimal light control

Our LED panel accessories also include dimmers, which allow you to adjust the brightness and intensity of your LED panels. This allows you to create the right atmosphere and light levels, whether for a professional work environment or a cozy ambiance.

Drivers for optimal performance

Our LED panel accessories also include drivers that ensure a stable and efficient power supply to your panels. These drivers play a crucial role in maintaining the longevity and performance of your LED panels.

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