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LED Linear Light bars

LED Bars are energy efficient and suitable for hanging in offices, warehouses, classrooms, garages, workspaces, waiting rooms and more! Thanks to the flexibility and wide light angle of this type of lighting, it can illuminate large spaces well.

Suspended LED light bar

Buying an LED bar? LEDWINKEL-Online has what you are looking for. We provide quality lighting in the form of a LED fluorescent bar. Available with different light colors, including 3000K, 4000K and 6000K. Ordered before 5 p.m., shipped the same day! Check out our range of LED bars below.

Choose a modern LED bar

An LED bar, also called an LED mounting bar or LED fluorescent fixture, is a modern form of lighting. It replaces traditional fluorescent fixtures. This type of LED lighting has many advantages:

  • Relatively low energy consumption;
  • Energy savings of up to 90% compared to conventional fluorescent fixtures;
  • An extremely long lifespan of up to 13.5 years (70,000 hours!);
  • Made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

In addition, most fixtures are water- and dust-proof. What are you waiting for? Save a lot of money and energy costs with new LED bars.

What spaces are suitable for LED bars?

LED bars are suitable for offices, warehouses, classrooms, garages, workspaces, waiting rooms and much more! Thanks to the flexibility and wide light angle of this type of lighting, it can illuminate large spaces well.

Our LED tubes are also suitable for these spaces.

LEDWINKEL-Online is also a supplier of various outdoor lighting. Whatever you are looking for in terms of LED lighting, we have it.

Sizes up to 150 cm

LEDWINKEL-Online supplies various sizes of LED light bars. Are you looking for something compact? Then choose our LED light bar 60 cm. This model has a light output of 18W (1980 Lumen).

The LED light bar 120 cm is already a bit more spacious with an output of 32W (3960 Lumen). For large spaces, we recommend our LED light bar 150 cm. This connectable lighting has an output of 48W (5280 Lumen).

Rather not have a fixture on your ceiling? Then take a look at our LED recessed spotlights and LED downlights.

Custom made LED Bars

At LEDWINKEL-Online we offer a unique service to customize linear LED bars to perfectly fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a specific length, color, light color, CRI (color rendering index) or diffuser and grille options, we are ready to create your custom lighting solution.

Different light colors

The LED Bars from LEDWINKEL-Online are available with different light colors. To determine which light color you need, it is important to know what the light is for. Below are the different light options and in which spaces they come into their own:

  • 3000K has a yellow/orange glow. It is the perfect choice for cozy, homey spaces, such as living rooms, restaurants and cafes. It creates a soothing atmosphere.
  • 4000K has a yellow/white glow. This light color is ideal for a well-lit space where focus, good visibility and a nice atmosphere is desired. Think for example of offices, classrooms, kitchens or stores.
  • 6000K has a white/light blue glow. The option for spaces that need to be very well lit. Think of hospitals, workshops, garages or even laboratories.

In addition, the bars themselves are available in white and in black.

How to mount LED bar lighting?

Mounting the LED bar lighting requires a few steps. We explain these below:


Turn off the power at the main switch to avoid electrical shock.Check the contents of the package to make sure you have all the necessary parts.

Mounting the suspension:

  1. Find a suitable location for the pendant light and mark the position where the suspension should be attached.
  2. Use a drill and the appropriate drill bit to make holes at the marked position.
  3. Insert the suspension into the holes and make sure it is securely attached.

Electrical connection:

  1. Consult a licensed electrician if you are not familiar with electrical connections.
  2. Connect the wires of the pendant lamp correctly to the wiring in the ceiling. Be sure to connect the correct colors of wires together (usually black to black, white to white, and green/yellow to green/yellow).
  3. Use appropriate electrical connectors to make the connections safe and secure.
  4. Carefully place the electrical wires in the ceiling and make sure there are no exposed wires.

Attaching the LED Bar:

  1. Attach the LED bar to the suspension according to the manufacturer's instructions. This may include using screws, clips or other fasteners.
  2. Make sure the LED bar is securely fastened and placed in a horizontal position.


  1. Check all connections and make sure they are made securely and correctly.
  2. Turn on the power and test the pendant light to make sure it is working properly.
  3. If necessary, adjust the height of the pendant light according to your preference.

Note:These installation instructions are intended as general guidelines. It is always advisable to consult the manufacturer's specific instructions and, if necessary, hire a professional electrician to perform the installation. Safety is always paramount when working with electrical components.

Buying an LED Bar

Buy an LED Bar quickly and easily online at LEDWINKEL-Online. We supply a wide range of high-quality LED lights. Did you order before 5 p.m.? Then we will ship your order the same day! All products on our website have an extensive description. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us. We can be reached by phone and email. We are happy to give you advice on choosing your new LED Bar!

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