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LED Recessed Spotlights

Recessed spotlights have a sleek design and look elegant and minimalist.
Our recessed spotlights are suitable for many different rooms and situations.

What is an LED recessed spotlight

A recessed LED spotlight is a ready-to-use spot light that can be installed in the ceiling or in a cove. By ready-made we mean that no separate LED bulb or driver needs to be purchased to install it. However, it is possible to replace the driver for another kind of led driver, for example if the spot is not standard dimmable. Then the LED driver can be replaced by a dimmable LED driver.

Recessed spotlights have a sleek design and look elegant and calm and minimalist.Our recessed spotlights are suitable for many different rooms and situations. Installing led recessed spots not only provides beautiful atmospheric lighting of the room, but these led spots are also energy efficient and last much longer than traditional / halogen recessed spots. Thus, after installing led lights, you can enjoy them for years to come.

Advantages of LED recessed spotlights

Led recessed spots are very durable and energy efficient, so you save up to 80% annually on your electricity costs.

In addition, our recessed spots are made from durable materials that are lead and mercury free, so the lamps are also environmentally friendly.

The installation of our recessed spots is very easy, because the lamp is equipped with an LED light source a constant LED driver and 2 springs to the spot in the saw hole to clamp. You only need to connect the driver to the power network, make sure that the power is off if you do this!Another advantage is that LED spots are very long lasting, an average of 20,000 hours. A halogen spot only lasts 2000 hours on average. So you almost never have to replace the lighting.

Tiltable recessed spotlights

Our recessed spotlights have a beam angle of 60°, thanks to the reflective ring that surrounds the light point this provides a nice even beam of light. The spotlights can shine straight down, if desired, or you can choose to tilt them to illuminate a specific space or object and give it extra attention.

Dimmable recessed spotlights

With LED spotlights it is possible to dim the light. In our assortment we have both standard dimmable and non standard dimmable LED spots, the non dimmable recessed spots are optional dimmable. To dim these lights you need a dimmable driver. This can be purchased separately.

Create atmosphere in any room

Our spotlights are available in different color temperatures. These are warm white, bright white and cold white. Warm white LED spotlights create a cozy atmosphere. These spots are very suitable for use in, for example, living rooms, bedrooms or restaurants. The light color of bright white LED spotlights most closely resembles natural daylight. Cold white LED spots produce light with a blue glow and are often used in rooms where good visibility is important. Besides LED spots in different color temperatures, we also have RGB+CCT LED spots. With this LED spot everything is possible. You can set all colors and all light colors white. To operate the spotlights, you need a remote control, wall control or WiFi module (for operation with your smartphone).

When buying LED spots, pay close attention to what you want to use the lighting for and choose the right light color for that room and application.

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