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Smart LED Dimmers

Discover the capabilities of our smart LED dimmers and enrich your lighting experience. Whether you want to adjust brightness, create smart automations or control your lighting remotely, our dimmers offer the perfect combination of functionality, style and ease of use. Experience the future of lighting control with our smart LED dimmers.

Simple dimming with a turn

Our smart LED dimmers are equipped with a user-friendly rotary knob that allows you to effortlessly adjust the brightness of your lighting. With a simple turn of the knob, you can create the perfect atmosphere in any room.

Easy dimming at the push of a button

In addition to the rotary knob, we also have smart LED dimmers with a push button. With just the push of a button, you can adjust the brightness of your lighting, without fuss or complex settings.

Smooth transitions and gentle dimming

Our LED dimmers provide smooth transitions between different brightness levels. With the "soft turn" feature, dimming is gradual and without abrupt changes, providing a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Smart control with Smart Life app

Our smart LED dimmers can be easily integrated into your smart home ecosystem. With the Smart Life app, you can control your lighting effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet. Adjust brightness, create timetables and create custom scenes, all with a few taps on your device. Experience the convenience of smart control and automation.

Safe and reliable

Our LED dimmers offer not only excellent functionality, but also safety. They feature short-circuit protection, protecting your lighting from potential damage. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your lighting is safe and reliable.

Easy installation and connection

Our LED dimmers are easy to install and connect. Simply follow the instructions and you can quickly enjoy the benefits of smart lighting control. Connect to your existing Wi-Fi network and start personalizing your lighting to your liking.

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