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LED String Lights

Discover the enchantment of our waterproof LED Christmas light cords and bring a magical atmosphere to your Christmas decorations. Whether for your garden, facade, trees or indoor spaces, these cords offer a combination of protection, quality and versatility.

Our water-resistant LED Christmas light cords have an IP65 rating, making them resistant to water jets and protective against dust. Whether it's raining, snowing or humid, these cords remain reliable and safe, even in damp environments.

Safe and easy to connect

Our LED Christmas light cords run on 220V and are easy to connect. You can connect multiple cords together for an elaborate decoration. Create a festive atmosphere in your garden, balcony or home with these linkable cords.

Icicle design for enchanting lighting

Our LED Christmas light cords are designed in an icicle pattern, creating a beautiful and enchanting effect. They are perfect for mimicking the beauty of icicles and add a touch of magic to your Christmas decorations.

High-quality rubber cable

Our cords feature a high-quality rubber cable that is durable and flexible. This cable provides excellent protection against damage and can be easily shaped and hung to meet your decorating needs.

Extra warm white light and smart options

Our LED Christmas light cords emit a beautiful extra warm white light, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere.

In addition, we also have a smart option with Bluetooth connectivity and RGB color options. With this smart light string, you can customize each individual LED chip (100 chips) and personalize colors for a unique and personalized lighting experience.

Let your imagination run wild and create an unforgettable Christmas experience with our high-quality LED lighting cords.

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