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Smart LED Lighting

Discover smart LED lighting and experience the convenience, versatility and creative possibilities it has to offer. With instant Wi-Fi connectivity, different light color options and compatibility with popular apps like Tuya and SmartLife, our smart LED products take your lighting experience to a whole new level. Let your imagination run wild and create a smart and personalized lighting environment in your home.

Smart LED Tubes & lamps

Discover our smart LED tubes and smart LED Lamps that integrate seamlessly with your smart home network. Enjoy the benefits of advanced features such as wireless control, scheduling, color adjustment and much more. With the ability to control lighting remotely, you can easily adjust the atmosphere in any room to suit your needs. using the Tuya or SmartLife app, directly via wifi, without the need for a hub.

Smart LED Christmas light cords

Turn your Christmas decorations into something extraordinary with our smart LED Christmas light cords. With features like color changing, dynamic lighting effects and scheduling options, you can create the perfect ambiance for your festive season. Transform your Christmas lights effortlessly.

Smart LED panels

Create a modern and stylish lighting solution with our smart LED panels. These panels not only provide bright and energy-efficient light, but can also be customized to your personal preferences. With RGB, CCT and RGB+CCT options, you can easily adjust the color temperature and light color to create the right atmosphere for any occasion.

Smart LED dimmers

Turn your existing LED lighting into smart lighting with our smart LED dimmers. These dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness of your lights and create different lighting scenes, all through the Tuya or SmartLife app. The direct Wi-Fi connection puts you in control of your lighting without the need for additional hubs or complex installations.

Smart Ceiling Lighting

Upgrade your interior with our smart ceiling lighting. With convenient control options such as voice control and app control, you can easily adjust light levels, color and timing to suit your needs and mood. Create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, from relaxing evenings to festive gatherings.

Discover the possibilities of smart LED lighting and transform your home with ease and versatility. Our range includes smart LED Tubes, smart LED Lamps, smart LED Christmas light cords, smart LED panels, smart LED dimmers and smart ceiling lights. With direct Wi-Fi connectivity and support for RGB, CCT and RGB+CCT, you can easily customize lighting via the Tuya or SmartLife app. Enjoy wireless control, color adjustment, scheduling and more without the need for additional hubs. Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion and transform your home into a smart and personalized lighting environment.

What is smart lighting?

Comfort, convenience and ambiance. That's what a smart lamp has to offer. Smart bulbs allow you to adjust your lighting completely remotely according to your needs, the time of day or your mood. Some brands of smart LED lighting need a bridge or hub as an intermediary to enable a connection between the lamp, your WiFi network and your smartphone or tablet. Our smart lights do not need this and can always connect directly to the app on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, it is possible to control the led lights with voice or voice control, this way you don't even have to bother to get your smartphone but can directly command the lights to turn on/off but also to change color or to dim.

Smart LED lighting can come in handy in many more situations. For example, you can dim the lights and choose different color schemes so that you are provided with the desired light and atmosphere you like at any time. Bright light when you need to work late at night or atmospheric dimmed light when you have a movie night. Control the smart lights even when you are not at home. This way you reduce the risk of burglaries, for example.

LED lighting with voice control

It is possible to control our smart LED lights with voice control. This can be done with a smart assistant like for example Google Assistant/home, Alexa and IFTTT.

Smart lighting with extensive functions and possibilities

Besides being able to easily adjust color temperature, colored light and brightness , you can also create groups for example for different rooms, or different groups in 1 room, create your own light scenes / mood combinations and set timetables. You can do all this in the Smart Life application.

Setting the light color

There is nothing easier than adjusting the light temperature or color. Our smart bulbs only have a range between 2700K (Warm White) and 6500K (Cold White) and an RGB color spectrum that allows 16 million color combinations. Simply slide the slider or click on a color to adjust the light.

Create and manage groups

If you want to control and set multiple lights at the same time, for example per room, you can easily create groups. So this does not necessarily have to be just the type of lamps but can be a combination of, for example, LED bulbs and ceiling lights.Light scenesIn the Smartlife app you can find different light scenes, you can use these to create certain atmospheres. So this does not necessarily have to be just the type of lamps but can be a combination of, for example, LED bulbs and ceiling lights.

Light scenes

In the Smartlife app you can find different light scenes, you can use these to create certain atmospheres. But if you want to set your own scenes or if you are in a creative mood you can create them yourself and adjust them whenever you want. This way you can save and save the atmosphere and then use it whenever you want. With one click on your screen.


Separate time switches are a thing of the past! Automatically switch your lights on and off at preset times and days. For example for when you just wake up or go to bed, leave home or come home or when you go on vacation and you want it to look like someone is home. You don't have to worry about the energy bill because you save up to 80% in energy with our smart LED lights.

Special conditions

In addition to light scenes and time schedules, the smartlife app has a number of special conditions you can add for setting up the lamps. For example, you can set the brightness of the lamps when the weather changes, such as when it becomes cloudy or rains. Temperature, humidity, and wind speed are also conditions you can set.You can also control the lamps based on sunrise and sunset.

Smart Life app

You can download the SmartLife app from the appstore and google play store. All instructions for pairing lights are displayed immediately upon opening the app. Instructions for setting light scenes, schedules and conditional options can also be found in the application which is very intuitive and user-friendly. If it still doesn't quite work out or you have other questions you can always contact us!

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